Okay so have to confess, slight love affair going on with the gals at Cherry Pickles, Priscila B and Mimi B are the duo you need in your life.

I first met Priscila through a styling job where she had requested a few pieces, naturally loved her style and then after the casual Instagram snoop stumbled across the band. First it was the visuals that drew me in, those care free 70s graphics and rawness of their handmade props just spoke to me. I appreciate anyone that can thrift and hustle their way with some tissue paper and PVA glue.

Started listening to the gals on Spotify and clicked with their Garage sounds, I then slid in to their DMs desperate to collab and then came the custom Cherries robe.

Cherry Pickles KENNEDY collab
Cherry Pickles will harden your nipples KENNEDY robe

So I can recommend and well and truly say, Cherry Pickles WILL harden your nipples!

Cherry Pickles debut LP is out FRIDAY and if you pick up a deluxe version you get these cute stickers, featuring a very sassy Priscila and her custom KENNEDY robe, as well as a limited edition tshirt.


If you can’t wait for the LP, listen to Cherry Pickles four current singles.

Elvis Exorcist

It will all end in tears

Lily is a spy

Mais Rapido


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Instagram: @cherrypicklesband

Listen on Band Camp and Spotify

Fiona Kennedy