It’s here gals, our latest stock drop, ‘Raunchy Rouge’ 💋 Making its debut at London Edge at the start of the month, this latest collection is my third for KENNEDY. So, where did it get its name? Well, the majority of the fabric choices are sheer, along with some powerful prints and motifs/ quotes … a slightly sleazy vibe, so think of it as 50 shades just slightly toned down and more of a glam rock look which leaves it all to the imagination.


Featured in our recent film THE KENNEDYS, the fan favourite so far has been our sleazy rock and roll robe which has already seen coverage from bloggers Madalina, Rosie Harris, Restoration Cake and The Colour Chronicles.

KENNEDY sleazy rock and roll robe

Finding something you like? Raunchy Rouge is available to buy on our own site, Asos Marketplace and now SDX Glasgow, based in Buchanan Galleries.